South Carolina Libertarians Make Selections

Not Left, Not Right, Libertarian

South Carolina Libertarians Make Selections

On May 7, 2016, the South Carolina Libertarian Party held their Nomination Convention and nominated the following:

Federal offices:

Bill Bledsoe for US Senate
Michael Grier Jr. for US House of Representatives District 1
Rich Piotrowski for US House of Representatives District 6

State offices:

Ron Paul Told His Supporters To Forget About the Republicans and Democrats

Ron Paul

Rand did so well during his campaign on defending civil liberties and on not going to war so carelessly. No one else came close! Libertarians should, however, beware the pretenders who remain in the race that are trying to get your vote. What should libertarians do now?

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Export-Import Bank

Import Export Bank

Press Release

Politics Behind the Scenes

Historic Opportunity

Subject: Historic Opportunity by John Dalen
Are people actually resigning themselves to six more years of Lindsey? Really? Eric Cantor's recent defeat in Virginia by a Tea Party candidate who was opposed by the Republican leadership shows that the Republican Party no longer represents the interests of conservatives! The establishment Republicans opposed this free market, limited government, liberty-leaning challenger. So why limit ourselves to establishment candidates who clearly do not defend our principles of individual rights and leaner, more responsive government?

Supreme Court Press Release

From the South Carolina Libertarian Party
April 25, 2014 “Was the Supreme Court Decision a Loss? No Candidates cannot be removed.”

Supreme Court Supports illegal acts by State Election Commission

South Carolina Libertarian Party, Petitioner. v. South Carolina State Election Commission and Marci Andino, in her official capacity as the Executive Director of the South Carolina State Election Commission, Respondents.
Oral arguments were heard in the South Carolina Supreme Court April 24th 10 am, Petitioner 15 minutes, Respondent 15 minutes and Petitioner 5 minutes to reply. There were about 30 people in the court room, Attorney General Lawyers and representatives, State Election commission, Senate and House staff representatives and 2 Libertarians.

Tips for Candidates

Tips for running a Libertarian campaign. There are plenty of reason to quit--DON'T!


- Eat well! Take someone with you to eat noxious food offered to you, like meat. Food taken by you and consumed by the volunteer at your side is as good as food you ate yourself people will like you for it. "Don't eat in the suit," though, because dry-cleaning bills can cripple your campaign!

Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. I find it almost offensive that I even have to make this statement because there are Citizens that don’t know what it is. Government schools do not teach the Constitution or the history of it and the Amendments to it. The bill of rights was ratified December 15, 1791. These rights were an answer to preventing the Government abuse of its citizens and becoming tyrannical in rule. Why have the citizens allowed violations of these protections?

Libertarians Support Uniquely American Celebrations on Independence Day

For Immediate Release: 07/02/13
South Carolina Libertarian Party

Victor Kocher, Chairman
Timothy Moultrie, Press Secretary

Libertarians Support Uniquely American Celebrations on Independence Day

The celebration of our independence is fast approaching. Many people will busy themselves with the purchase of hotdogs, buns, fireworks, and extra coolers for beer. The beer may create a festive mood and fireworks might help recall the national anthem penned by Francis Scott Key.


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